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Digital Bridge Program: Helping You Access the Virtual World

Free, One-on-One Assistance in Learning How to Use Online Services

Do you have a lack of confidence in navigating online services, utilizing computer devices of any kind such as smartphones, iPads, tablets, notebooks, PCs, Macs, or are unfamiliar with the terms used in a virtual setting?

We can help!

Our Digital Bridge Program is designed to assist you in understanding the virtual world a little bit better. Have you recently purchased a smartphone, or has your family given you an iPad or other device so they can communicate with you, but you feel stressed when trying to use it? Do instructions sound like a different language? 

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One of our staff members will provide one-on-one assistance in using your digital device.

Those feelings are real, and they can cause fear, frustration, anger, and even lead to a sense of loneliness. We've heard from clients who express a sense of being "left out" of a world they helped build. The reality is that many are feeling left behind as services have gone mostly virtual. 

We're ready to help smooth that out as best we can with the Digital Bridge Program, offering pressure-free, respectful, step-by-step assistance in learning about and navigating a virtual world.

Digital Bridge offers free, one-on-one, telephone assistance or in-person visits at the District to help you gain an understanding of the general use of technology such as iPhones, iPads, tablets, and some common applications such as FaceTime, Zoom meetings, and medical Telehealth calls. Learning about these communication opportunities can offer new ways to connect with friends and family, improve access to health services, and alleviate symptoms of isolation, loneliness and depression. Appointments are approximately 30 minutes long, and can be made by calling 805-388-1952. 

"I am legally blind and in a matter of minutes, over the phone, Luis helped me connect my computer properly so we could Zoom meet for our Care Management visit. I could see him better on Zoom and had a better experience with my care management!" — Care Management client

For clients who don't have access to WiFi services, computer cameras or home computers, a sister program to Digital Bridge is called the Zoom Room Program, and offers a confidential setting at the District, equipped to facilitate Zoom meetings, medical provider/appointment calls, family connections call, and more. District staff members are also available to appropriately assist you in connecting for your call. Simply call to schedule your 30-minute (approximately) appointment in the Zoom Room, and prepare to enjoy your call. The Zoom Room is sanitized following each 30-minute visit. Please call 805-388-1952 to make an appointment. Click here to go to the Zoom Room Program.


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