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SMARTfit combines physical and cognitive training with fun

Improves balance, reduces fall risk and engages your brain

May contain: furniture, table, baton, stick, clothing, footwear, and shoe
SMARTfit is our newest dual-task exercise machine geared toward improving balance and reducing risk of falls.

SMARTfit is physical and cognitive training disguised as fun games that make you think while you move.  It is designed to deliver preventative and rehabilitative solutions to cognitive functions as well as motor functions. Its unique approach to improving physical, cognitive and mental health is engaging, exciting and very interactive (lots of cheering from the staff!).

SMARTfit is designed for a variety of populations and abilities and immerses participants in playing “easy to learn” exercise games that are very engaging, challenging and motivating. 

SMARTfit is our newest dual-task (think while moving) exercise machine that provides brain and body training, measuring cognitive-motor abilities. The program is geared toward improving balance and reducing the risk of falls. Participants complete a baseline (starting point) assessment, and receive an individualized program with recommended training games.

“This program is so much fun and before you know it you have improved your balance and strength, and have reduced your risk of falling," said Elsa Sierra, Fall Prevention coordinator.

From the makers of SMARTfit 

SMARTfit’s Gamified Dual-Task Training Helps Create and Strengthen Neural Pathways so You Can:​

·     Make quicker, smarter decisions while moving.

·     Execute physical and mental skills more efficiently.

·     Process what you see faster so you can react faster.

·     Train to get into the flow/zone quickly.

·     Improve focus, balance, coordination, and speed.

·     Build Cognitive Reserve to Delay Cognitive Decline.

SMARTfit is recommended two times a week for six weeks; 30 minutes each time. Cost is $25 for the series. To be added to our interest list, call 805-388-1952. A fall prevention specialist will call you back to schedule your one-on-one appointment.

SMARTfit’s predesigned programming provides activities that can be used for: 
  • Increasing upper extremity strength, range of motion, and endurance
  • Motor and visual-perceptual training 
  • Enhancing visual reaction time
  • Improving problem solving skills and bilateral hand-eye coordination
  • Refining motor skills and coordination
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